“Untimely” Meditations, Part 2

Historians will look back on this time period, like many eras, as another example of the limitless bounds of human folly. Socrates would be the first to comment, “why should we leave the governing of people to themselves? They do not have the background knowledge to sufficiently make rational choices. Too much is left to chance”. It is certainly the case that the idea of democracy as a fetish is becoming SO apparent that even liberals can see where Socrates is coming from.

But it is certainly not the case that only a demagogue, elected by the people, have been the only actors in history that have done massive harm. Hitler was a demagogue, but Stalin was a military man and bureaucrat, and a revolutionary.

Why did I title this rambling untimely meditation? Because it is not written for the people of today. Nietzsche, in choosing to write for an audience beyond provincial Germany (somewhat), became a figure of history.

Will the historians again universalize this period of history as yet another demonstration of “x”? I tell you, denizens of tomorrow, that I did not choose to be in this time period, and that the majority of my fellow men live in what they feel is a reversal of the norm, a “Bizarro” world. The most searched word on the online dictionary of 2016 was “surreal”.

Remember, you judges of history and the human race, don’t judge the powerless by the actions of the powerful. Humanity is not wholly evil. Please spare your grandfathers a harsh judgment, as we spare ours


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