On Theresa May’s “Deal with the Devil”

This will be a short entry, as everything that has been said will be said about the “disastrous” 2017 UK election.

First of all, it is wonderful that Labour gained so many seats. But they came up just shy of true victory it seems. The Conservatives are allying with, it seems, the only other Parliamentary party on the right wing of the political spectrum, and even that is enough for them to gain a majority still. And what is that party? The DUP, the Northern Irish unionist party, known for their extreme anti-abortion views and anti-gay views. The DUP opposes abortion for rape victims and incest, and perhaps even more astonishing than that is that their dominance of Northern Irish politics means that abortion remains illegal for all except in extreme medical circumstances in Northern Ireland. But perhaps most vile of all is the fact that the DUP was once allied with right-wing paramilitaries. Of course, the same accusation could be leveled against Labour with respect to Sinn Fein.

But my real point is that while the Conservatives broadly failed, in that they turned their clear majority into a minority, Labour also failed to win. If all it takes is 42% of the English people to vote Conservative to form a government, it seems the situation is hopeless, because of the reactionary tendencies of the large swath of the upper classes.

The only ray of light seems to be that Labour increase its main body of constituents, the working poor, by letting Conservative policies take their toll.

Here’s hoping for more storms on the horizon, so we can see that silver lining in the clouds.