Hi everyone. I’ve decided to make a personal blog- pretty much for the sheer fun of it. Nothing too serious…^^

Along the way I may publish things of interest to people about my various interests. My interests include anthropology, philosophy, critical theory, and ecology; I’ve traveled to Bhutan and Guyana for my undergraduate research, so there might be posts on interesting things I saw or learned while in those beautiful countries. I’ve also played guitar for many years, so I may upload music that I’ve made.

But I wanted this blog to be primarily about Thinking, in the Hegelian sense. Thinking about life, society, the current state of things, the everyday. But in a more structured way then a random string of facebook posts. Yes there will be politics. But I don’t want to focus on the normal cycle of news about American politics. Yes the T word (our new Cheeto overlord) may inevitably come up. But when I talk about politics, I want to explore new realms of possibility, the margins, the things no one talks about. Because its probably there that we will find the real answers- otherwise we are screwed.

So some of you may say- instead of writing or Thinking, why not do something? I think one of my favorite philosophers, Slavoj Zizek has it right that today, we have to reverse Marx’s thesis on Feuerbach- “The philosophers have interpreted the world, the point is to change it”. I truly think we have to think our way past the problems of the future, because they are coming for us, in my generation, not act without foresight. One day, WE (the millenials) will take the reigns of power. Imagine what a catastrophe that will be! That guy who cheated on his math test, that guy who ran for student council president but you always secretly hated him- he’s going to be President of the US someday! Will the infrastructure be fixed by then? What about the National Debt? Shortages of certain types of jobs?

Obviously, from the way I’m phrasing my questions, you can probably tell I think the answer is Socialism. The S word! E gad! And I’m prepared to explain why, at length. Not some sort of proleterian revolution- I’m not a starry eyed Leftist. In fact, I’m worried, severely worried, that 20-40 years hence, I’m not going to want to vote for X party, because none of them will offer the right solutions. And by then its going to be too late. And then Bernie Sanders won’t come to save us.

So that’s the issue I wanna tackle through the different posts- what problems are we facing today? What do I think we’ll face in the future? Why do we need Socialism? What does that entail? In my view, everyone around the world is facing the same struggle, even though that struggle is different depending on which country you live in.

Plus all the personal stuff!

This is an attempt to get all my thoughts out on paper, for public viewing. Its not meant to be systematic, even though I’ll try to be accurate and describe what I want to describe thoroughly. For instance, if the post is about a certain aspect of community forestry (another topic I love), I’ll try to be as clear as I can, even though I’ve never PRACTICED community forestry. I’m NO expert on any of these topics- indigenous rights, socialist theory, etc. I’m just a student, learning, growing. But I have some concrete opinions that I’ve formed that I believe can be beneficial.

Some spiritual stuff may make its way in there, personal stories of challenges that I’ve faced, or just spiritual musings. I’m a “Buddhist”, in the sense that I have read and take inspiration from the teachings of the Buddha, but I appreciate my Christian heritage as well.