Currently I’m a graduate student in anthropology at Florida Atlantic University. As such, anthropology is a big passion for me. “Non-Western cultures” have offered me a window into a world that is communal and beautiful, not just based on limitless consumption. That’s where my research interests lie.

I live with my beautiful girlfriend, Stephanie, and my beautiful cat, Princess April. Stephanie is also pursuing a Masters degree in Anthropology.

My hobbies include playing guitar, mainly rock and jazz. I’ve been very into guitar ever since my father, a long time guitar player for over 30 years, introduced me at a young age. Hiking has also been a passion of mine, and I have newfound interests in archery, drawing, and I enjoy gaming (although not to the extent that I’d say I’m a “gamer”).

My biggest influences in my life have been my teachers and my parents. My father was a cancer researcher, a driven individual who inspired me to pursue my dreams. My mother is an Learning Disabilities specialist who has spent her whole life helping children learn to read. From her I got the drive to help the most disadvantaged people.